The Occupational Hygiene Team will identify and assess all Hazards and Risks within your company. This is done through an initial assessment to familiarize the client with the process and activities of the relevant organisation. The team then takes a quantitative and scientific approach to monitor and evaluate hazards and risks, which forms part of an Occupational Hygiene Programme for the organization. DEKRA Solutions(Pty) Ltd has a network of registered hygienists and produces reports signed off by an Approved Inspection Authority. The following Occupational Hygiene Inspections are offered:

  • Physical: Heat, Cold, Vibration, Noise, Ventilation (Indoor Air Quality), Illumination, Ionizing and Non-Ionizing radiation.
  • Chemical: Principles of Toxicology, Dusts (Fibrogenic and Non Fibro-genic), Gases, Vapours, Fumes.
  • Ergonomic: (Office Ergonomics-Body Position), Manual Lifting
  • Psychological: Work Tolerance, Fatigue, Work / Rest Schedule, Stress Management
  • Biological: Fungi, Bacteria, Algae and Viruses


Occupation Hygiene System

DEKRA’s Occupational Hygiene Systems will ensure that the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, communication and control environment stressors are managed through a multi-disciplinary approach. This is achieved through the continuous monitoring of systems that are suitable fo specific hygiene surveys. Custom-designed measurement calculators are used for surveys to provide clients with trend analysis graphs and diagrams. In conjunction with the client, we plot a project plan to get the non-conforming areas up to the levels required for full compliance. We also assist in controlling conditions by being reactive and by initialing proactive approaches to ensure continuous compliance levels.

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